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First grafted:
Obtained as a grafted tree from Oliver Moore in Gainesville, FL. 
Recent updates posted about this tree:
Winter survivor!2024-03-27 00:00:40The outdoor Jade graft is beginning to bud out, so I'm going to officially call this one a winter survivor!
Flowering update2024-03-09 01:07:48Still no open flowers! But getting closer.
Flowering update2024-02-05 22:52:00The flowers are just beginning to expand, looks like it might be on track to open first flowers around the same time as Duke.
Flowering update2024-01-28 07:20:36The main greenhouse graft of this variety failed to flower either of the last two springs since it was grafted, but looks loaded with dense flower buds now, and will likely start blooming earlier than Duke.
Frost update2023-12-15 23:39:35The outdoor in-ground tree was in the middle of a strong vegetative flush when the first frosts came, and most of the newest leaves were badly damaged. The oldest leaves show little to no damage, though. So far, winter low of 28°F.
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