The Drymifolia Collective
First grafted:
Scionwood and seeds of this variety were obtained from Marta. The seeds were from a tree grown in close proximity to the "Royal-Wright" variety, so it is possible some of those are Duke x Royal-Wright, though based on phenotype most look to be Duke x Duke.
Recent updates posted about this tree:
Update2024-04-24 19:29:59Almost finished flowering, vegetative flush is getting going.
Flowering 2024-03-28 06:34:08First open flower on Duke today, same day as Jade.
Flowering update 2024-03-02 07:10:39Still coming along. Duke is near the middle of the pack in flower development at this time. About the same stage on both greenhouse trees.
Flowering update2024-02-05 22:48:45Flowers just starting to expand.
Flowering update2024-01-28 07:24:51Flower buds are at a similar stage on both greenhouse Duke grafts, less advanced than 2 years ago and similar timing to last year.
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