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Planted out in early summer 2022. Impressively little damage that winter from 17°F, re-grew vigorously in 2023.
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Update2024-04-20 18:20:31It was definitely killed back to a point lower on the trunk than the previous winter, but there are a few buds starting to swell.
Update2024-03-04 18:40:11It's still hard to be certain, but it looks like the main stem was killed below the branched area where it re-grew last year. However, the main branches do also look alive above that point. Time will tell where it regrows from this year.
Freeze update2024-01-19 20:00:05Has started dropping leaves, but the stems actually don't look so bad and there are still some green leaves hiding down near the core.
Freeze update2024-01-17 03:57:48Looks pretty crispy, but will inspect more closely in a week or so to see what, if anything, seems to still be alive. Was covered with an unheated fleece cover.
Update2024-01-07 00:26:47Built a wire cage to make it easier to protect if we get a bad freeze.
This tree does not have any grafts on it.
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