The Drymifolia Collective
"Walter Hole"
First grafted:
Obtained from UC South Coast Research Grove.
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Still flowering 2024-04-20 22:21:16Profusely!
First flower2024-03-14 20:09:43Today was the first flower to open on any variety in the greenhouse, and Walter Hole won the race.
Flowering update2024-03-04 02:17:21Forgot to post this photo two days ago when I took it. Flowers still expanding but not opening yet.
Flowering update2024-02-05 23:25:42Though it may still be first to open, it's been very slow to expand still, and others are overtaking it, such as Joey and maybe Jade.
Flowering update2024-01-28 07:15:57Looks like this will be the first variety to flower in the greenhouse this year, though Jade (on same roots) is a close second.
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