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Ortet is a tree estimated to be 20 years old, found growing on the grounds of a senior center in Switzerland, where it bears fruit regularly. 
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First open flower2024-04-16 23:11:55Interesting that it has the same pink hue to the style that I've only seen in Duke so far. This should help identify if the ortet in Brissago is the same as another named variety.
New graft2024-04-01 15:20:09Added a graft of this on a tree I recently planted out.
Flowering update 2024-03-26 19:44:05Flowers getting close to opening. Maybe within a couple weeks?
Update2024-03-02 07:03:19Definitely a few flower buds. I like that the flower buds have a slightly pink tinge. That should help to identify whether it is the same as Wilma, as I'm starting to suspect.
Bud update2024-02-05 22:45:07Just starting bud swell, no sign of flowers yet.
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