The Drymifolia Collective
First grafted:
Scion acquired from a grower in Texas. Showed no damage at 25°F in Nov 2022, and only minimal damage after multiple hard freezes over two winters.
Recent updates posted about this tree:
Update2024-04-21 01:02:13Flowers haven't expanded much yet. There are at least three branches with flower panicles.
Flower bud?2024-03-21 04:45:42Looks like a flower bud on at least one branch!
Update2024-02-08 07:44:16Was protected with fleece and a 100w heat bulb during the freeze and might have been too warm because it's started budding out already. No sign of flowers yet though.
Update2024-01-07 00:23:33Built a wire frame fence around it to make it easier to protect in the event of a bad freeze.
Frost update2023-12-15 23:42:55So far no sign of any damage from winter low of 28°F.
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